Empty under stair case to turn into wine cellar
An empty space gets turned into a real Man Cave with great ambience

Project Brief:

Our brief for this project was to convert this empty space into a temperature controlled wine room, that worked within the context of the shed environment and turning the space into a warm cosy “Man Cave” to relax and chill.

Our client also wanted to incorporate a snake enclosure, which has been achieved just to the right of the wine room under the staircase, perfectly using that empty space.

Glass works for under staircase wine cellar

The Cellar witin the Man Cave

This temperature controlled wine cellar was designed around this already existing staircase in an industrial shed.

The industrial look of the shed was to be incorporated somewhat in the design, although gives the space a nice warm feeling due to the timber cabinetry.

The perfect temperature and humidity for wine storage is made possible by a number of core elements that are at work behind the scenes, including insulation, vapour control, double glazing and the specialist conditioner unit that is located in a custom built bulkhead space.

The result is a wine room that not only looks great and functions seamlessly but more importantly it has created a space that feels amazing and enhances our clients enjoyment of their fantastic “Man Cave” space. 

The specially created glass snake enclosure  also adds to the uniqueness of this project.

Finished wine cellar in man cave with furniture

Cellar Summary


  • Existing under stair case space transformed into wine cellar
  • Custom built snake enclosure added
  • Fully climate controlled 
  • Concealed stand alone wine conditioning unit built in custom designed and built bulkhead
  • Approx. 300 bottles capacity, the aim within this specific project was more aesthetics than capacity 
  • Custom lighting design
  • Solid recycled timber cabinetry 
  • Thermally insulated hinged door

Tongue N Groove Furniture


Our partner for our cabinetry works within this project:

Day bed made from recycled furniture from tongue n groove furniture

Tongue N Groove Recycled Furniture

In this project as well as in many of our other wine cellars, we are working closely in conjunction with another fantastic local company, providing us with best quality recycled timber for our various needs like cabinetry etc.

Tongue N Groove Furniture use genuinely recycled timbers.  Timber is salvaged from the demolition of local buildings in the south east Queensland region, and then is re-born as a beautiful piece of custom furniture. 

The finishing of their products are just beautiful and the thought of doing our bit for the environment with using recycled timbers makes it even better!


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