Traditional European inspired Wine Cellar


Our brief for this cellar was to convert an existing dining room into a ‘traditional European’ styled cellar that worked within the context of a modern Gold Coast house. Our clients has been an avid collector for over 20 years and wanted to be able to enjoy his personal collection as part of his daily routine.

The Cellar

The brick curved ceiling was the first element to be decided on and everything else was designed around this. The exposed brick texture and slight curvature of the ceiling take the imagination straight to an underground cellar somewhere in Europe. Herringbone ‘brick’ tiles, rustic hardwood timber beams and handmade cabinetry all add to the ambiance of the space and help bridge the gap between the rustic cellar style and modern finishes of the adjacent spaces.

A cheese and cured meats cabinet adds a touch of fun functionality to the space whilst custom hand-painted glass wall art (by Glass Xpressions) and a central chandelier take this space to whole other level.

A carefully considered RBG lighting design  highlights different aspects  of the cellar without overpowering it. By having the ability to adjust the lighting scheme the mood of the cellar can be adapted to suit the occasion.

The perfect temperature and humidity for wine storage is made possible by a number of core elements that are at work behind the scenes, including insulation, vapour control, double and triple glazing and the specialist conditioner unit that is located in an adjacent laundry. 

The result is a wine cellar that looks great and functions seamlessly but more importantly it has created a space that enhances our clients enjoyment of their incredible wine collection.

Cellar Summary


  • Existing dining room converted into custom wine cellar
  • Fully climate controlled 
  • Complete custom design
  • 1000 bottles capacity
  • Stone pouring bench-top with sink
  • Cheese and meat cabinet
  • Custom tasting table
  • Adjustable LED lighting design
  • Solid timber cabinetry and details
  • Curved brick ceiling
  • Custom handprinted glass artwork window panels by Glass Xpressions
  • Thermally insulated, slimline, sliding door and fixed panels


Artwork - by Glass Xpressions

The brief was to create an underground french feel.  Caesar Wine Cellar’s created this amazing curved brickwork ceiling, temperature controlled room with wrought iron racks one side and detailed recycled timber on the other. 


As the clients cherish their collection from far and wide, their memories created by obtaining this 1550 bottle collection are priceless.   After stalking their social images finding picturesque cobblestone paths that lead to more of their adventure and wine tasting images from underground French cellars, I found inspiration and the art transpired.  Be it memories of your dream I want our art to take you to another place……It’s all about your imagination.

“The French Connection”

To the Naked eye, it’s the path to nowhere

We feel….

Nostalgically calm,

We are, the connecting cobblestones.

On a road we have travelled, our vision alive,

Housing a reflection 

Entwined with a collection of experiences.

We have made a path of our own.


Artist Statement – Lisa de Boer



Caesar Wine Cellars

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