Festive Wines

Wines to choose for your Christmas Dinner or the perfect present
Festive Wines with Christmas decoration in background

Festive Wines for Christmas...

Yes, that time of the year is already coming around again and at Caesar Wine Cellars we are getting ready to order our Bottle of festive Wine to go perfectly well with our Christmas Dinner.

We are happy to introduce you to some great wines that go with either your prawns or turkey….whatever will be on your menu this Christmas. Whether it is for your own consumption or for that extra special present for your loved ones, it is handy to know where to buy your festive bottles best…welcome to our online world of wines.

Festive wines that go with Turkey

From rich, balanced whites, to earthy, fruit-driven reds, we’re letting you in on where to look at your local wine shop for the best festive wines to sip with your Christmas Turkey:
Cooked Turkey with Festive Wine Bottle and Glasses beside
Festive White Wine


No matter which region you look to, you can’t go wrong in pairing Chardonnay with your turkey. Although the grape’s expressions vary worldwide, the wine’s crisp acidity, mineral undertones, and fruit-forward nature bring out the best that turkey has to offer.  Chardonnay is a great choice for basting turkey– as well as sipping alongside said preparation.
Festive Red Wine - Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

For red wine lovers, Pinot Noir with turkey is a no brainer. The wine’s bright high acidity, as well as extreme versatility on the table, make it a solid choice for pairing not only with turkey, but also the handful of sides that will cover the rest of your plate. Upon scouring the shelves at your local wine shop, look to Old World regions for earthier expressions, noted with mushroom and tart cherry flavors.
Festive Red Wine - Zinfandel


There’s a reason why Zinfandel has long been a Thanksgiving Day staple—it’s one of the best wines with turkey. Jammy, juicy, and fruit forward, these bottles pair gorgeously with both light and dark meats, as well as an array of sides. We recommend grabbing a few bottles of Zin from your local wine shop—once your dinner guests get a taste, they’ll definitely be wanting more.
Festive Wine - Dry Riesling

Dry Riesling

There’s no better time to break your guests’  Riesling stereotypes than Turkey Day! Forget the explosively sugar ridden bottles that used to dominate the market; dry Riesling is back and better than ever, proving to be one of the Thanksgiving Day dinner table’s most versatile wines.

What wines to choose alongside your seafood Christmas lunch

Pairing wine with seafood isn’t a difficult task. Think in terms of weight and substance—delicate raw fish and light, briny shellfish go best with equally delicate, light white wines. Similarly, a piece of grilled swordfish will go better with a richer, more substantial white (and if the fish is served with, say, a red-wine reduction, a festive red wine may even be the best choice).
Festive white Wine with Seafood platter
festive white wine in front of vineyard

Sauvignon Blanc

..with garlicky prawns or shrimp Garlic LOVES Sauvignon Blanc so that’s a good starting point. Other citrussy whites like Rueda, unoaked white Rioja, Godello, southern Italian whites like Fiano and Falanghina and English Bacchus will all work. Goodness, almost anything barring a big oaky chardonnay will do. Try manzanilla or fino sherry too.
Festive Wine amongst different foods

Pinot Grigio and Chenin Blanc

..with white fish or oysters These are the aristocrats of white fish wines. Dry, austere, and crisp, chenin blanc and Pino Grigio are the wines to reach for when serving lean, white fish cooked simply. Flounder, halibut, walleye, snapper, raw clams, or oysters all do well with these wines. Alternatively, you can use these wines to cut through the natural fat in some fish, such as striped bass, catfish, lobster, or mussels.
Festive white wine in glass besides grapes

Albariño, Verdelho

..with mussels or crab These varietals are from Spain and Portugal but are increasingly being grown in California. Something about them makes these wines absolutely perfect with shellfish— clams, mussels, and scallops, as well as crab and lobster. With its fresh, tropical fruit characters, un-oaked style, and sheer drinkability, Australian Verdelho is very much the crowd-pleaser.
Festive Rose Wine with ocean in background

Rosé and other blush wines

..with a seafood soup or grilled swardfish Rosés can substitute for full-bodied whites such as Chardonnay and Fumé Blanc. From being purely a summer wine there are now rosés for almost every type of food and occasion and rosé pairings to match. Consider them when grilling swordfish or tuna steaks. Rosé also is a good choice with a tomato-based seafood soup, light salads, light pasta and rice dishes.
Festive Riesling white wine with grapes

Chardonnay, Fumé blanc, Viognier,

….with lobster, raw oysters or crab This is the realm of the fuller whites. Oaky  Chardonnay gets a bad rap these days, but it’s great with striped bass, crab, raw oysters, even lobster. The theory here is to match a full-bodied wine with a full-bodied dish. If you have a broth-based soup, Chardonnay works wonderfully.

Brockenchak Christmas specials

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