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Floating Architectural Wine Display Systems
Floating Glass wine display shelve
Not every avid wine collector is in the need of a fully enclosed and temperature controlled glass wine room. Many wine drinkers appreciate having wine in their home stored correctly and displayed attractively.
This modern designed floating wine bottles display caters in particular for a smaller wine collection, without the expense that would encure for a fully enclosed wine cellar – although still looks classy and elegant.  

Floating glass wine rack system display with wine bottles filled
The options are endless with our fully customizable glass wine room designs and our new cable and glass floating wine rack systems.

Designed and hand-crafted for you at our GlassXpressions Studio by Australian glass artist Lisa de Boer and her specialised team.

The floating wine display system offers a unique flexibility that you don’t often see in  modern glass wine room designs. The bottles are spaced liberally, allowing for a small stock of wine, but there is flexibility to install a lot more bottles if needed. There are no weight restrictions with this strong cable system.

Make your choice between label forward or neck forward. You can even set up your rows in creative diagonal formations.


Floating glass wine rack system display with wine bottles filled

The difference

– Handmade in Australia

– High quality toughened glass

– 5 times stronger than normal glass

– Care for details

– Space Optimisation

– Decorative

– Replacable / Addable

Artwork – By Glass Xpressions

Lisa De Boer

Lisa De Boer


Glass Xpressions is a fusion of Lisa de Boer’s talent for art and design. Over her 26 years in glass manufacturing, Lisa has built a reputation as an innovative and engaging artist who continues to diversify and develop her skills – and wow her clients with her contemporary glass art.

Lisa has built a team of specialised glass artists, who love to have fun and push the boundaries of glass manufacturing and design. The results are a fusion of fun, creativity, vibrancy, elegance and function. Their combined 65 years of expertise and impeccable reputation, has made Glass Xpressions one of the most sought-after glass manufacturers in Australia for contemporary glass art.

Classy Artwork combined with the modern wine cellar design

At Caesar Wine Cellars, we are thrilled to offer a very unique approach to modern styling of your personalised glass wine room desgin. Due to our close collaboration with the Glass Art Studio of GlassXpressions, where all your artwork is custom made, we can accommodate your own design ideas and add your pesonal note.




  • costs effective 100% 100%
  • adjustable 100% 100%
  • modern looks 100% 100%
  • multiple wine positioning options 100% 100%

In order to create your dream wine cellar we firstly want to understand your personal  collection. No two wine lovers or their collections are the same. 

Need Help?

Understanding your wine storage needs is key to establishing the roots for a cellar design that not only look beautiful but works perfectly for you.

Tell us more about your project to help you visualize the finer details of your custom Caesar Wine Cellars.