An easy short term solution for storing wine after opening: Place the cork back in the bottle and put the wine in the refrigerator.

Always put the stained side of the cork back in the bottle. If your wine has a screw top, just put it back on as well. The wine will keep for 3-5 days, but the flavour will be affected after a day of opening your wine.

Wine Needle opener

Needle opener

This method might prolong the flavour of your wine for an extra day after opening, meaning you’ll get 2 days instead of 1 for optimum flavour.

Use a needle opener to keep from exposing wine to air in the first place. These wine openers use a needle to withdraw wine from the bottle through the cork. It pumps argon gas into the bottle to make up for the wine it takes out. When you pull the needle out, the cork re-seals the hole.

This method will keep your wine fresh much longer after the bottle has been opened. You should still drink it within a few weeks to a month. With this device, it’s not as important to put leftover wine in the refrigerator.

Wine Bottle Vacuum Seal

Try other preservation gadgets, such as vacuum seals and inflatable corks. These devices help limit the wine’s exposure to air. They may keep the wine drinkable for up to 3-5 days after opening. To use a vacuum sealer, simply place the gadget in the top of the bottle and use the hand pump to create the seal. Similarly, with a hand cork, place it in the bottle and use the provided hand pump to blow it up and create a seal. Place the wine in the refrigerator.

Funnel on a wine bottle

Pour leftover wine into a half bottle to reduce air exposure

Air is what causes wine to spoil. So if you can reduce the amount of air the wine is exposed to after its opening, it will keep a bit longer. Funnel it into a half bottle and cap it off with the cork or a wine stopper. Pour the wine into the half bottle right when you open the big bottle, as that will reduce the amount of time it’s exposed to air. T
his method might prolong the flavor for an extra day, meaning you’ll get 2 days instead of 1 for optimum flavor. Don’t forget to stick it in the refrigerator.

In order to create your dream wine cellar we firstly want to understand your personal  collection. No two wine lovers or their collections are the same. 

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