New Year - new horizons

…new beginnings, new travel plans, new wines to try and vineyards to visit.

 Happy New Year – 2020 has just started and we basically have a blank canvas of a whole year to fill with new adventures, trying new foods and wines and discovering new destinations.  At Caesar Wine Cellars we would like to introduce you to some new great wines for your own precious collection. Furthermore, we’d like to introduce you to new horizons of travelling the world, whilst enjoying beautiful food and and excellent wines in a relaxed atmosphere. Travel, dream, wine and dine…

Ultimate World Cruise 

The World’s Longest Continuous Cruise Will Visit 59 Countries In 8 Months. 

Viking Ocean Cruises is offering the 245-day Ultimate World Cruise, which will sail passengers to 113 ports in 59 countries. It is the longest-ever continual cruise from any company.





Exciting Wine Region Destinations

Stoke your oenophilia and wanderlust with these stunning travel destinations you’ll never want to leave. Travel, Dream, Wine and Dine…bring on 2020!

Duoro Valley

 Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux

La Rioja

Our local Dine out Tip:

…wine and dine at “The Wine Barrel Restaurant” in Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast

A gem in Mudgeeraba where good food, wine + friends can enjoy the finest produce in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

While you TRAVEL, DREAM, WINE AND DINE, your own personal wine collection is being preserved in perfect conditions!

WINESOR continuously keeps track of temperature and humidity levels inside your cellar and regularly measures humidity and temperature and sends all values to the linked app.

It will automatically notify you (or someone else you may delegate) when values are outside set limits.

It also features statistics and a battery-state indicator. ​

The WINESOR sensor brings a new quality in cellar measuring accuracy:

Humidity accuracy %RH: +/- 2%
Every sensor is individually calibrated and tested.

Now available at Caesar Wine Cellars:

The high-quality WINESOR sensors are masterly manufactured and meet the highest demands of sustainability, technology and design, made in Switzerland.

Travel Dream Wine and Dine
Travel Dream Wine and Dine

9 + 15 =

Getting basics right

  • A constant temperature 
  • A regulated humidity
  • Air tight cellar (depending on conditioner unit)
  • suitable materials
  • Air flow
  • Thermal bridging
  • ventilation